Brexit and BIM

June 21, 2016

Brexit and BIM

Whilst the tide ebb's and flows on whether to Remain or Brexit, the UK's private construction sector have seemingly heeded the expert advice that leaving would impact growth and jobs and create business uncertainty and therefore risk.

But what fate awaits BIM should Brexit be the choice of the people? Will it be ripped from the flagpole by the high winds of change or will it prove more lasting than our relationship with Europe?

BIM is not prescribed by Europe, yes our European partners have to one degree or another enthusiastically endorsed its use at a governmental level but it is the spectre of competition that is pushing hard not bureaucracy. Construction as a percentage of UK GDP is predicted to shrink over the next 20 years and the ability of UK construction companies to find new opportunities internationally will be key.

Brexit for the Brexiteers (beyond democratic rule) is an opportunity to to widen our gaze towards the world and not just the 28 members of the European Union. "Doing BIM" favours a more nimble and self-determined UK, losing the opinions and protectionist stances of 27 other member countries should mean more flexibility and speed in trade deal negotiations. The fastest growing economies remain the BRICS (no pun intended) none of which are EU club members.

If leaving does cause a contraction in the UK economy, it is likely that budgets will be fiscally adjusted and discretionary spending such as funding the BIM roll-out may be affected; it is however less likely that public procurement will perform a U-turn and derail the savings and efficiency improvements reported on the early adopter projects in Education, Prisons, Health and more

In this commentator's opinion leave or remain, BIM is here to stay.

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