A Look Back at Lasers

December 15, 2017 Sarah Lorek

In the past, 3D Laser Scanning was an idea only made possible by our imaginations. The outrageous concept of scanning objects to create point clouds and working in a virtual design environment was once perceived as impossible.

Now, we can use 3D laser scanning to collect data, model, and detail. We even have the power to understand existing conditions and design for new build-out. To further appreciate where we are, it’s important to understand how we got here. Take a look at the infographic below, and see how a powerful set of hardware and software have finally reached that optimal balance between science fiction and reality.

Future ot MEP

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Sarah Lorek

Sarah is the Lead Content Strategist for Trimble Buildings, CEC (Civil Engineering & Construction), and Geospatial. She has worked on many large scale marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, helping them define their story and shape a compelling narrative. Now, she focuses on creating and sourcing valuable thought leadership content for our readers.

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