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Scan-to-BIM: What You Should Know

April 11, 2018 Todd Ellsworth

Whether you’re thinking about getting started in 3D laser scanning or you’ve been doing it for years, this guide reviews scan to BIM best practices for construction crews of every level.

Maybe you’re a contractor who scans just to meet your point cloud deliverable. Or, maybe you’re already using a scan to BIM process. No matter what your skillset level is, this guide will review everything you need to know about the scan to BIM process.

In this guide, you'll discover what you should know about 3D laser scanning and BIM before getting started, including:

  • Choosing a Scan Plan Based on Scope of Work & Budget
  • Planning Your Scan For BIM Conversion
  • Common Scanning Challenges
  • Common Point Cloud Modelling Challenges
  • Optimising the Model for Usability/Constructibility

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About the Author

Todd Ellsworth

Todd Ellsworth is the Director of Professional Services for BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast, an authorized distribution partner for Trimble Buildings' product portfolio. Prior to joining BuildingPoint, Todd served as Director of Innovation and Technology at Aspenhills Consulting, where he was involved in VDC implementation and supervision of BIM creation and coordination.

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